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You want to stick that where?

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9 April 1975
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I'ma be a chef when I grow up!
add, adhd, aim, alison goldfrapp, angel fish, angelfish, animation, anime, aquariums, art deco, aspartame, audi, bar sinister, bodhidharma, bookcrossing, bourbon, boy meets boy, boys in girls clothes, brad mehldau, bright copper kettles, bsd, camera obscura, catsuits, charles wright, cheese, christopher moore, classical music, clothing, cock rings, composition, concerta, conspiracy theory, conspiracy x, cooking, cooledit, cream colored ponies, crfh, crisp apple strudels, crispy fries, crushed velvet, diet coke, digital composing, digital photography, djs, doorbells, downtempo, drum & bass, e, electric sex, electronic music, elitism, f, fish, fortune cookies, frank lloyd wright, gaming, goa, goats, goths, gurps, huxley, hyperactive, infrared, infrared photography, intelligentsia, jazz, jazz piano, jazz trio, joshua redman, jt's stockroom, jungle, kissing, la, laundry, linux, linux on mac, loaches, long hair, los angeles, lsd, mdma, mindless contemplation, mixing, moai, mojo nixon, motorcycles, oral fixation, os x, parties, pdi, peace orchestra, photography, pirsig, pony rides, porn acting, powerbooks, public transit, queers, radiohead, raindrops on roses, raves, riding, rinzai, ritalin, rpg's, san diego, sartre, schizophrenia, schlock mercenary, schnitzel with noodles, seattle, sex workers, shrine, sleighbells, sluggy freelance, smut, snake river conspiracy, tacoma, tea, the peak show, the surly café, thelonious monk, tongue action, trance, traveller, trio, turntables, upright bass, vinyl, vodka, w somerset maugham, wamu, war on wars, warm woolen mittens, web comics, whiskers on kittens, wright park, writing, yoga, zen

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